95th Ave and Avery St (Tualatin Elementary School)

Based on community feedback and the project team’s analysis, this project will improve safety and access in the area around Tualatin Elementary School. Improvements will include installing crosswalks, upgrading intersections, providing better signage and traffic control measures along 95th Avenue, Avery Street and Sagert Street.

Additionally, more outreach is underway to determine additional improvements to be included to enhance pedestrian safety along 93rd Avenue.

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What We Heard

According to public input* the biggest safety concerns in the project area?

  1. Pedestrian safety
  2. Speeding
  3. Sidewalk conditions
  4. Lack of crosswalks/Non-compliant vehicle stops

*NTSP Suggestions, PTA meeting, and comments from Contact list

According to the survey the biggest safety concerns in the project area?

  1. People speeding in vehicles (cars, trucks) (67%)
  2. Traffic during school pick-up and drop-off times (63%)
  3. Too many large trucks travelling through area (54%)
  4. People not stopping for pedestrians in marked or unmarked crosswalks (52%)

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93rd Ave Improvements

As part of the 95th and Avery project, we’ve heard concerns from some neighbors about cut-through traffic, speeding, and pedestrian safety on 93rd Avenue. We need your help to identify which specific changes make most sense for this street. Depending upon available budget, possible changes could include constructing sidewalks on one or both sides of the north end of 93rd Avenue, or implementing traffic calming measures, such as a driver feedback sign, speed humps, or converting the street to one way (southbound).

What street changes make most sense along 93rd Avenue?

Mejores Avenida 93

Como parte del proyecto de las calles 95 y Avery, hemos estado recibiendo comentarios de los vecinos sobre la Avenida 93. Los comentarios incluyen preocupaciones sobre los automovilistas que usan esta calle como un atajo, sobre los automovilistas que manejan a exceso de velocidad y sobre la seguridad peatonal en general del vecindario. Necesitamos su ayuda para identificar los cambios específicos en infraestructura que considere lo más necesarios para esta calle. Dependiendo del presupuesto disponible estos cambios podrían incluir: nuevas banquetas sobre ambos o un solo lado en norte de la Avenida 93, o la implementación de medidas para calmar el flujo vehicular como letreros con radares de velocidad (sólo proveen información al automovilista, no dan multas), topes o convertir la calle a un solo sentido.

¿Qué cambios considera sean los más necesarios a lo largo de la Avenida 93?

For questions or to receive quarterly project updates email: tmf@tualatin.gov

The Regional Context:

What Tualatin Residents May Notice About Traffic Congestion


Most Congested Metro Area

Portland is the nation’s 40th largest – but #12 most congested metro area (of 297 metro cities)

Most Congested in North America

#13 in North America (319 cities) – more congested than any city in Mexico and every Canadian city except Montreal.

Most Congested in the World

#40 most congested in world (1,360 cities)


Portland area congestion is worst at peak commute hours, but now present at all times of day/week

Most Congested U.S. Cities**

  • 1 Honolulu
  • 2 Jacksonville
  • 3 San Diego
  • 4 Los Angeles
  • 5 Portland

* Source: INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard, February 2018
** Source: WAZE Driver Satisfaction Index, December 2017